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How to register on OnePropertyHub.com?
You can register on OnePropertyHub.com through a simple registration process. Go to Sign Up page and fill a simple form. Registered members of OnePropertyHub.com can avail free member benefits like List property.


How much does it cost to register on OnePropertyHub.com?
Registration on OnePropertyHub.com is absolutely FREE ! Register Now and avail many member benefits.


How to retrieve forgotten username and/or password?
Click on the Forgot Password link on the login page.
Provide your email registered with us.


How to change OnePropertyHub.com account password?
Login to "My account" section
Click on "Change Password" link under the "My account" section
Enter your current password
Enter your new password and confirm it by re-entering
Your new password will be activated immediately


How to modify profile?
Login to "My account" section
Click on "Account" link under the "My account" section
Modify your profile
Your new profile will be activated immediately



Why Choose  OnePropertyHub.com?


Why free services?
We all like free internet services such as free email, free web browser, free web searching. Why do we have to pay for advertising on internet? This website provides absolutely free web advertising services especially for small business, non-profit organization, and individuals. Feel free to post your advertisement in any category as long as the content is legal and meets our Terms & Condition.


What are other benefits to post on your website?
The benefits include but not limited to:
Your ad can be online for 90 days.
Your ad can be viewed by all visitors of this website.
Your ad can be viewed by visitors of major search engines because all ads could be indexed by major search engines.
You can update your ad to keep your ad on top of search result list.
You can extend your ad forever for free before it expires each time.
You can modify your ad at any time.
You can delete your ad at any time or it is deleted automatically when expired.
On the view ad page, we provide "Number of Views" (how many people have viewed your ad).


Is there any hidden fee or cost to use your web advertising services?
No. All ad posting and searching services are absolutely free. We will not charge any from our users. Please remember, we never ask our users for credit card number or other personal data.


How would you keep providing such free web advertising services?
Our team members spend our leisure time on developing and maintaining this website and enjoy providing such great services. We will collect paid advertisements from other resources and put them around major content on each page. Our visitors can get more information from these paid advertisements and, if interested in, can click through for other products or services. We could gain from such reference. However, we do not inspire or imply our visitors to click these paid advertisements if they are not interested in.



Post and Manage Advertisements


What kind of advertisements can I post?
Advertisements in all categories are welcomed. However, we prohibit the advertising of any item that is illegal. Please read the Terms & Condition for details.


I could not find a category that fits my advertisement. How to suggest one?
If you desire a new category or sub-category, please Contact Us. We will consider your suggestion in next website update. But we cannot promise to add any new category probably because of existing database design. Before a new category is available, you may post your advertisement to a closer category.


Is there any limitation on the format and size of advertisement description?
The size of advertisement description can be up to 150000 characters.


How may picture can upload?
You may upload unlimited number of picture. A maximum picture file size up to 2MB.


Should I give my email address and phone number when posting new advertisement?
They are optional. If you hope ad viewer contacts you via email or phone, you may add these contact information. If you just want others to visit your other related website, you may leave these fields blank and type in your other link/URL. Please be aware, if you provide your contact information, they are visible to all individual visitors and search engines. Your contact information could be shown on search engines' result page or cache. Please read our Privacy Policy Statement for more information.


Is there any way to keep my ad on top of the search list?
Yes. We provide a feature "Update" on Manage Ad page. It does not change the content of your ad. It just changes the last modified time (one attribute we stored in our database) of your ad as current time. The search result list by category and ad owner name now is sorted by the update time (last modified time). The latest is shown first. Every time you "Update" or Modify your ad, the last modified time is changed to current time. So, your ad can be displayed on top of the search list (except featured ads) by just "Updating" your ad.


How many times can I "Post/Update" my ad?
Currently there is no limitation on posting and updating any ad. You can post and update your ad at any time.


Can I post same or similar content advertisements in same or different categories?
NO! Please do not post the same content ad in same category on this website. Your advertisement can be searched by keywords no matter in what category. We do not check duplicate posting when submitting new advertisement. Sometimes we allow 2 similar content postings in different categories. However, we could delete any posting from wrong category without notice. One or all duplicate ads from the same owner could be deleted too. We recognize the owner by name and the IP address. Please do not post your same content advertisement to every category. If you are abusing the free service, all your posts could be deleted without notice, and you may be declined to post any more ads on this website.


How long does an ad run?
All ads can be online for 90 days. Ad owner can Delete the ad at any time. An ad could be deleted by our team for various reasons include but not limited to duplicate postings.



Search and View Advertisements


How can I look for advertisements in your website?
Search by categories, search by keywords. Go to Advanced Search for more details.


What Is the list order of advertisements on search result pages?
When search by keywords, the matching advertisements are listed by relevancy. Highest relevant advertisement is listed on the top. You may ignore lower relevant advertisements. When search by categories or owner name, the matching advertisements are listed by update time (last modified time). Most recent updated ad is listed on the top.


What Should I do if I am interested in an advertisement?
You may click on the URL (if available) following Related Link on ad detail page to get more information. You may contact the ad item owner if email address and/or phone numbers are available.


Should I report any cheat or abuse?
Yes. If you find any advertisement that cheats others or abuses our free web advertising services, please Contact Us. We reserve the right to delete such advertisement and may even block the owner from posting more advertisements. We hope all visitors enjoy our free web advertising services and help us keep high quality services.


Should you have any more questions, concerns, or comments, please Contact Us.

Thank you for using OnePropertyHub.com.